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Onsite Inventory of

The Dr. Bob Core Library

At North Congregational Church, St. Johnsbury, Vermont


On August 25, 2009, Richard S. called Ken B. from the North Congregational Church, St. Johnsbury, and provided him with the following “live,” onsite inventory of the partially-completed “Dr. Bob Core Library” housed at North Congregational Church in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The “Dr. Bob Core Library” currently takes up four shelves at the church. Ken B. prepared and later edited the following inventory as Richard S. dictated the contents of the library over the phone. The resources below represent approximately one-quarter of the material ultimately envisioned for the “Dr. Bob Core Library.” The remaining three-quarters will be placed in the library as benefactors make additional funding available. (Please see the “Dr. Bob Core Library” Project page on the International Christian Recovery Coalition web site for more information: http://christianrecoverycoalition.com/drbob-core-library.shtml.)

Top (Fourth) Shelf

The top shelf (and part of the shelf below it) contain books by Dick B. on the roles played by God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible in early A.A.’s astonishing successes. There is a little sign on the top shelf saying: “Dr. Bob Core Library: Help Yourself Compliments of Dick B.” In other words, visitors are invited to take one or more of the books by Dick B. for their own use. (There were 42 books by Dick B.—in some cases, multiple copies of the same title—spread over the top shelf and third shelf.)

Third Shelf

There is a sign on the third shelf which states: “Dr. Bob Core Library.” In addition to the books by Dick B. on this shelf, there were the following books:

Bill W.: My First Forty Years by Bill W. [autobiography]
A.A. and MRA: It Started Right Here [booklet/pamphlet]
How Can We Lose When We Are So Sincere by T. Willard Hunter
The Wager by Blaise Pascal
Lois Remembers by Lois [W.--autobiography]
Worldwide Endeavor: The Story of the Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor by Francis Clark
Our A.A. Legacy to the Faith Community by Three Clarence H. Snyder Sponsees and Their Wives
Expert Endeavor by Amos Wells [photocopy]

Second Shelf

The Officers’ Handbook by Amos Wells
Weapons for Temperance Warfare by Belle M. Brain
Fifty Missionary Programs by Belle Brain
In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon
Successful C.E. [= Christian Endeavor] Prayer Meetings by James DeForest Murch
The Young People’s Pastor by Amos R. Wells
Memories of Many Men in Many Lands by Francis E. Clark
Frances E. Clark by W. Knight Chaplin
The Frances E. Clark Yearbook by John R. Clements
“Pass It On” [A.A. General Service Conference-approved book]
The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous [A.A. General Service Conference-approved; Item #P-53]
Christian Endeavor in All Lands by Francis E. Clark
Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers [A.A. General Service Conference-approved book]
Dr. Poling’s Radio Talks by Daniel A. Poling
Folder containing Dr. Bob-related material:

RHS [A.A. General Service Conference-approved booklet/pamphlet]

Four “AA of Akron” pamphlets/booklets:

Spiritual Milestones in Alcoholics Anonymous

A Guide to the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous: The Akron Guide to the Twelve Steps

A Manual for Alcoholics Anonymous: The Akron Manual

Second Reader for Alcoholics Anonymous

Holy Bible

Alcoholics Anonymous (a collection of 32 personal stories not included in the Third Edition; 25 personal stories from the First Edition and 7 stories from the Second Edition; with “circus cover” dust jacket)

An 8 ˝” x 11” copy of 29 titles by Dick B. found on the “Titles Page” on the www.DickB.com web site

Six, 8 ˝” x 11” pages listing and describing the “Dr. Bob Resource Volumes” by Dick B.
Contents to Volume IX: The Fairbanks Family [= 1st page]
Volume X: The Town of Dr. Bob’s Youth to Volume XX: Appendix [= 2d page]

Bottom (First) Shelf

There are 14 binders (blue or white) on the bottom shelf. Some of the binders contain the more-than 1,800 pages of photocopies of materials assembled by Dick B. and Ken B. during their June 2008 Vermont research trip from: (1) Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, Vermont (where Bill W. attended school); (2) East Dorset Congregational Church (where Bill W. & family attended church); (3) Vermont History Center in Barre; (4) North Congregational Church, St. Johnsbury; (5) St. Johnsbury Academy; and (6) St. Johnsbury Athenaeum.

Dr. Bob Core Library Sign-Out Sheets [only Richard Skolnick had signed anything out as of 8/25/09]
The Christian Endeavor Society: Volume XI
Bill Wilson and Bob Smith Together
A Photo Album: Cassidy Collection
So You Thinks Drunks Can’t Be Cured by Richard K.
New Life in the Old Prayer Meeting
Robert Holbrook Smith Genealogy by Ken B.
Photos of A.A. Founders and Family
St. Johnsbury History
North Congregational Church Archives Collection
St. Johnsbury Athenaeum: Finding Guide to the Archives Collection
St. Johnsbury Athenaeum and Caledonian and Vermont YMCA Papers
Vermont History Library
Fairbanks Museum Finding Aids and St. Johnsbury Academy Student